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Near...far...wherever you are!

Hey, Realtors!

Did you know that if you close with us and the person is signing in the county where the property is that they're buying or selling, or at your agency, we will send people out there. Any of the 100+ North Carolina counties at no extra charge to sign and notarize with that client when they want where they want. Their favorite coffee shop, your agency, their house, wherever. No extra charge to the client.

We can also record and disperse same-day any of the 100 counties, so if you want to work with us and you say “well, Zeno, you don't have an office in Brunswick county or in Mecklenburg county,” its no problem. We'll send people out there and get it recorded and disperse same-day so you can get the same service, but sign where you want.

Reach out Lancaster law firm. It doesn't cost you a dime to do that service and we would love to work with you.

Zeno Lancaster

Lancaster Law Firm

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