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Serving North Carolina realtors, lenders and clients with their residential and commercial real estate AND estate planning needs! 

We specialize in rush closings and refinances and offer bundles where you can save money by hiring us for both your real estate closing and your estate planning!

We can get you closed whenever you need it (in as little as a few hours!)


Your go-to law firm for real estate purchase, sale, refinance closings and Estate Planning!


We search title in house. This allows us to get your closings done when you need it! We can accommodate closings in as little as a few hours, or longer - whichever you prefer! You are paired with your own paralegal and attorney to ensure a quick and smooth process.


Our office can also draft seller documents on any buyers side closing to facilitate a smoother closing for both sides.


If you or your clients do not wish to come to one of our offices, we can send one of our closing agents to you! Contact us to learn more!


We have free parking for you and your clients at all of our locations.


We offer refinances for both residential and commercial loans. We offer bulk discounts to lenders, search title in-house, pair you with your own paralegal and attorney, and can get you closed quickly (4 weeks or less) if you need it.


Protect yourself, your family and your assets! We offer a no-upfront cost consultation to go over which packages will be the best fit for you! If you decide to work with us, you'll pay a portion of the fee then and you'll also decide on which payment plan/option is best for you. We also offer a credit option with a third party to make these more accessible!


We have staff on-hand ready to help you and clients if they prefer Spanish. There is no additional fee for this service.


We can setup all of your LLC and legal needs for your real estate business. Our managing attorney is available for 1 to 1 consulting for you to help your real estate business grow, increase your sales volume, scale and much more.



We can help answer any questions or resolve any disputes you may have.


At Lancaster Law Firm, our goal is to provide a world class experience for you and clients. Our mission is to always protect your interests and provide you with the support you need for all of your real estate transactions. We have a smooth and efficient onboarding process, pair you with a highly-trained paralegal and attorney and provide quick communication to all parties of each transaction. We are proud of our Lancaster Law team. Your experience with us is TOP priority. 

Lancaster Law Firm is unique in that we are able to get closings done in 4 weeks or less, use state of the art systems for your closings, offer fast communication and give realtors access to our addendums to help them get under contract more and protect your clients.


We title search in house - this generally means we understand the title situation quickly, giving the team more time to solve title issues, order relevant payoffs and prepare for closing. We are able to wire proceeds and handle seller document drafting on closings where we already represent the buyer to help facilitate a smoother and more efficient closing experience. We can sign cash closing buyer documents online.

In-House Title Searching - No third parties!


Another way we set ourselves apart from other firms is that we title search in house and never hire third party abstractors. This generally means we understand the title situation quickly to give the team more time to solve any title issues, order relevant payoffs and prepare for closing. Hiring a third-party to search title could lead to more title mistakes and lengthen the process.



Personalized Client Experience


Throughout the process, our client engagement team provides check-ins with all parties of the closing to ensure things are going smoothly and to provide help when needed.

On top of everything already mentioned, Lancaster Law Firm offers state of the art, updated software, processes and e-recording. With this, we are able to wire proceeds and sign cash closing, buyer documents online!

Top Notch Communication


We strive to be the best of the best when it comes to communication. It’s something we work on each and every day.


For any party of the transaction - we offer you a text service so if you have an urgent request, just text us!


We have a standard policy to respond within 24 hours. Some law firms can take 2-3 weeks to respond to emails! Our paralegals ensure to respond in a timely manner.


Realtors - you get direct phone access to one of our attorneys - even on weekends! We can help you get under contract!


Although we close lots of transactions each month - you are our priority. Our quality and client experience is of upmost importance to us. When you choose Lancaster to represent you - a member of our team will call the clients, realtor and lender to onboard you and ensure everyone is prepared for closing. We also help walk you through setting up your Qualia Connect portal if you do decide to use it (it’s not required but in our opinion, it’s amazing and very helpful!)

This is a complementary service we provide to you!

Why is it helpful (and safe) for us to handle both sides of the closing?


When we handle seller document drafting on closings where we already represent the buyer - this helps to facilitate a smoother and more efficient closing experience.

Most attorneys cannot do things as quickly as we can and sometimes do not have the updated software like we do.

When we represent both sides we can close more efficently as we aren't having to wait on the other attorney to respond etc.

We have separate team members working on these files to ensure safety and security of all parties!



Buyers Agents


We provide you with an addendum to help you get more under contract and protect your clients! This has helped hundreds of agents get more under contract. Contact us to learn more!

We have 2 locations and close all counties all across North Carolina 

MicrosoftTeams-image (47).png

Asheville Office (Our Head-Quarters)

189 E. Chestnut St. Asheville, NC 28801


See what Realtors, Lenders and Clients say about working with us:


“When it comes to my clients I am a firm believer in protecting them and their funds at all costs. This means having a network of extremely talented and trusted service providers in all areas of the transaction which is why I highly recommend to all clients Zeno and the talented and competent staff at Lancaster law. As I consistently tell my clients “Zeno is a consummate professional in all areas of life, excessively well versed in law, has surrounded himself with a caring staff quick to respond to any questions even in the late hours and without a doubt the dog we want in the fight if things ever get sticky. I cannot be more confident in a recommendation.” 


- Brad Mcclain

Broker/REALTOR at High Vistas Realty by eXp


“Zeno and the team at Lancaster Law Firm are outstanding and a pleasure to work with. As a local mortgage lender, Lancasater Law firm comes highly recommended by me and my team when clients are shopping for a professional real estate attorney for their closing.  I’ve enjoyed working with Zeno’s office for 5+ years and my clients always appreciate their friendly staff, dedication of excellence and professional guidance with their real estate transactions. Our experience working together on the lending side has been fantastic and we can rely on timely closings for our mutual clients. The whole team has a willingness and ability to help at any time which is why I continue to work with and recommend Lancaster Law Firm to my clients.”


- Sean Spacil

Mortgage Loan Officer at Bay Equity Home Loans


“I started using Lancaster Law Firm in 2020. I have been most pleased with the service my clients and I receive with each and every closing. Zeno cares. He will answer my client's questions even when other lawyers tell them it'll be a few weeks before they can.  He helps solve tough issues. Lancaster also has the best paralegals around. I am always able to get timely appointments for my closings. Closing in 30 days, no problem!  I highly recommend Lancaster Law Firm to handle all Real Estate needs.”


- Melissa Wright

Realtor at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Lifestyle Properties


“As a top agent and professional, I have learned that one of my greatest resources is the people I align my reputation and my business with. I understand that every experience my client has with people I recommend is a reflection on me. Therefore, I choose wisely. I choose partners who exude excellence, get things done on time, and respond quickly. They also must be knowledgeable in their field and committed to continuing to learn and grow. I must see effort on their part to be a company set apart, a company that goes above and beyond and that is committed to the relationship with me as well as my clients. Lancaster Law has been that company for me. Zeno is the first person I call when I have real estate law questions. I can count on his expertise but more than that I know he’s got my back. There is nothing like having an attorney you can trust fully in sticky situations. I’m also super thankful for his team in the Hendersonville office. British and Nick do a fantastic job. Alignment is critical. I’m glad I’m aligned with Lancaster Law and so are my many happy clients.”


- Jennifer Hubbell

Realtor at Keller Williams Realty


“I have been working with Lancaster Law Firm since I began working in real estate in 2017.  I have found Zeno and his staff to be not only professional, but responsive and willing to go the extra mile for our mutual clients.

Not only have many of my clients used LLF for their real estate needs, I have personally retained Zeno on several occasions to handle my personal real estate transactions, and will do so in the future.

Having a great Real Estate Broker is just a small fraction of what it takes for a transaction to close successfully – that agent also needs to have a great network of other professionals that they can confidently refer their clients to. Lancaster Law Firm has been refreshing to work with and we look forward to working alongside Zeno and crew in the future.”


- David Plyler

Broker/REALTOR on The Plyler Team at Lusso Realty


“My first experience with Lancaster Law Firm is why I continue to bring my business to LLF. My first transaction when I came into the real estate world was a rush closing that needed to be closed in 3 days. I couldn't find anyone that was willing to take on the challenge however the team of LLF made it happen. On top of that every transaction that I have had and used LLF has been seamless. Their team has always been on top of it and when roadblocks arise they find a solution promptly. Thank you Zeno, LA, and all the other team members at LLF for all you do for us Realtors!”

- Thomas Worley

Realtor/Broker at Coldwell Banker King


“I have been working with Lancaster Firm since the beginning of 2021. I couldn’t be more happy with the level of service that Zeno and his staff has provided. In a pinch one weekend, Zeno went in on the weekend to get a lender for what they needed. I don’t know any other attorney who would do that. I love how I can reach and get questions answered either by Zeno or Lauren Ashley. The service, level of commitment, and communication is second to none. I highly recommend Lancaster Law Firm for all of your real estate needs in Western North Carolina.”


- Bill DeVore

Broker/Realtor at Keller Williams

“Great firm, great people! My family's experience was wonderful and all of our expectations we more than met as Zeno and his team went above and beyond for us as clients without costing us an arm and a leg. If you're like we were and are reading reviews trying to find the right attorney, look no further!"


- Jacob Carlson



"Working with Lancaster Law Firm as a Realtor has been phenomenal! Zeno and his team are very professional and timely with their responses. They are proactive with their communication and ready to help with anything that comes their way."


- Stephanie Estrada

Realtor at Keller Williams Professional

"We have used Lancaster Law Firm for two real estate closings. They are flexible, competent, thorough and friendly. We will definitely use them again!"


- Eve Rogers Odom


Nathan west.PNG

"I want to give a shout-out to Lancaster Law Firm, PLLC. Today is my first closing with them and let me just say that it has been a great experience. The communication has been on point without me or the client having to initiate. And as most of us know, when everyone is on the same page, things just go smoother. For that I am thankful."


- Nathan West

Realtor at Lusso Realty


"Zeno and his team always take excellent care of my clients in my real estate transactions. I trust him to communicate effectively, answer our questions, and work on our behalf to get us to the closing table in a smooth manner. I wouldn’t trust anyone else for my real estate needs. Thank you!"


- Clarissa Marshal

Realtor at eXp Realty

Pricing & Fees for Closings:

Normal Closings
4 weeks or more out & purchase price is under one million:

Residential Closings - Loan.....................$1175

Residential Closings - Cash.....................$1075

Residential Refinance..............................$1095

Seller Document Drafting.........................$450

**Prices shown here are subject to change

Rush Closings
Less than 4 weeks & purchase price is under one million:

Residential Closings - Cash

1 Week..........................................$2500

2 Weeks........................................$2000

3 Weeks........................................$1500

4 Weeks - normal fee..................$1075

Residential Closings - Loan

1 Week............................................$2600

2 Weeks..........................................$2100

3 Weeks..........................................$1600

4 Weeks - normal fee....................$1175

Seller Document Drafting

2 Weeks............................................$650

1 Week..............................................$750

*Anything less than one week will need to be quoted by Zeno Lancaster

**Prices shown here are subject to change

Unrepresented By Realtor

For unrepresented by realtor (buyers/sellers), pricing is higher as there is more work involved. Note that this pricing is for a normal closing time frame (4 weeks out or more). If you need a rush closing and you are unrepresented by realtor, please contact


Unrepresented By Realtor


Residential Closing - Loan...........$1400

Residential Closing - Cash............$1300




**Prices shown here are subject to change



We have 2 locations to serve you AND we service ALL of North Carolina!!

Asheville and Canton 

Phone: 828-505-8514

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:
Or Text us at (828) 484-6268


Email your contracts to: 

and our onboarding team will get you setup!

Interested in estate planning? - Email or fill out the form!

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