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Want to get started on your estate planning but you’re BALLIN on a budget?

Don’t you worry… I got you (;

Introducing… Gift Deeds!! The cost effective way to protect your real estate! If you own your real estate/investments in your personal name… LISTEN UP!

If you own your real estate in your personal name, your real estate could be taken away via judgment liens, lawsuits or even the government.

It’s a big risk to own your real estate in your personal name. Gift deeds allow you to own your real estate via another entity, protecting your assets from the unknown.

Example: If you get a judgement lien against you, it’ll generally attach to your personal name and any property you own in your name in that County, but it will NOT generally attach to business LLC’s/other entity names.

A gift deed is also accomplishes these other things:

Conveying title for real estate

Gifting someone real estate

Add someone to title with you for the real estate (example: spouse or partner or friend etc)

Estate planning - another method to make sure someone receives the property when you pass

Trading real estate (instead of buying/selling you trade properties with someone)

Asset protection (mentioned above)

Protect you and your family today - get a gift deed!

What’s the cost? One payment of $631 (this covers: your gift deed, 1:1 consult with me, and recording fee). There’s 10 spots available at this price, once filled, the price will go up.

We also have payment plans available:

Payment Plan 1: Pay $150/month for 5 months

Payment Plan 2: Pay $75/month for 12 months

Note: If you are on a payment plan, your consult and gift deed delivery will occur after all payments have been made. No refunds.

Ready to signup? Book your gift deed and 1:1 consult with me here:

Questions: Text me 828-226-1493


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