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Think your Power of Attorney Covers Everything? It might not...

Have a power of attorney set up and think that that takes care of everything? If you need someone to sign for you and you’re out of the country, you're incapacitated, something happens to you, or you pass, you think this would cover you, right? You need to reach out and let us help you check to make sure!

Powers of attorney don't just cover everything. If you have property in a trust or property in an LLC, a power of attorney doesn't necessarily give someone to sign for you in that capacity. It may not give them the ability to sign at all. Make sure you have that reviewed- but better than that, make sure you have an attorney draft it with your plans in mind. Don’t just ask an attorney for power of attorney, ask them for a POA for what you specifically need and have that conversation with them. Reach out to us. We would be happy to help with that. Don’t try to plan a power of attorney without talking to us first.

Zeno Lancaster

Lancaster Law Firm

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