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Bridge Burned Down? I bet you can rebuild it and you should!

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Have you ever had a burned bridge with someone? And no, I am not talking about bridges that are structures carrying a road, path, railroad, etc. I am talking about “to say or do things that reduce any possibility of return to the previous state of relationship. It is an acknowledgement that the connection has been broken, leaving little or no chance of reconnecting again on that level. We can burn bridges in all kinds of relationships, including personal and professional.” (

Many times, people will burn bridges especially early in their careers. Moreover, this is sometimes someone you’ll eventually need to rebuild a bridge with down the road. In real estate, burning a bridge can happen easier than you think because there are so many moving pieces with a real estate transaction. However, trying to rebuild a bridge in real estate, i.e., rebuilding a relationship takes trust, open channels of communication, time, and effort.

In business, even if you think you weren’t in the wrong, sometimes putting your ego to the side and rebuilding a bridge can be a great career move for yourself and others. Remember to “take the time to extend an olive branch and try to rectify your past mistakes. You don’t want to be known as an organization or individual that doesn’t play well with others.” ( In closing, rebuilding a burned bridge isn’t always easy or perfect, it takes two sides to build a bridge, but it can be done.


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