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Founded in 2014, Lancaster Law Firm is a statewide practice located in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Our office is equipped with state of the art technology, allowing the firm the capacity necessary to guarantee that all aspects of our practice can be handled accurately, quickly, and without the delays found in other offices in the area. 


The firm's access to such technology as Register of Deeds E-recording, remote access to the Administrative Office of the Courts, and the latest in office equipment and software, allows the firm to prevent mistakes, reduce costs, and ultimately to provide the quality of service that both you and your clientele should demand. In short, our location, competitively priced fees, and legal expertise will provide you with a high quality of legal representation, as well as a pleasant experience overall.

Please take a look at how the Lancaster Law Firm can help you by visiting our Areas of Practice. If you need help with something not listed, let us refer you someone with whom we feel confident can help you.

Give us a call or email! Consultations are always free. Please visit our Contact page to get started. Our staff will respond promptly to your calls, e-mails, and inquiries.

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Our professionals can provide services in both English and Spanish. Conectate con nosotros


...Professional, diligent, and efficient with nothing left to question on closing day. Certain you will not find a better attorney in Asheville (or surrounding areas)!

Takes his clients interests to heart

...I feel confident referring my clients to Mr. Lancaster to close their real estate transactions knowing they will be taken care of.

They deliver what lenders want

Closing time was made easy due to all their hard work and dedication behind the scenes. We strongly recommend Lancaster Law Firm to anyone looking to make their real estate experience a breeze.

Strongly recommend

Zeno and his staff went above and beyond. They found timely solutions for multiple issues that developed during my transaction. Zeno kept me informed every step of the way which was very reassuring as a first-time home buyer.

They are amazing to work with, very responsive and fun! I would never use anyone else!

As a real estate agent in WNC I have done business with several attorneys. Lancaster Law Firm is my preference. They are great communicators, and very thorough.

Very Friendly, Attentive, & Effective

Lancaster Law Firm responded quickly to every step along the way to ensure my closing went as smooth as possible. They were also easy to get a hold of and provided great customer service.

If you're looking for a great lawyer Zeno Lancaster has to be one of the best ones out there!


Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of law do you practice?

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Law

  • Purchase, Sale, and Refinance Closings
  • Developer representation
  • Miscellaneous Real Estate Matters
    • Fee to draft a gift deed is $200, plus a $31 recording service fee.
  • Easements
  • Deeds
  • HOA matters

Business Law

  • Business Startup Processing and Consultations

Can you handle “both sides” of a closing, meaning that you’re handling the closing for the buyer, but also helping the seller with their “side” of things?

If we are closing the transaction, it’s important that you know that we represent the Buyer.

However, the seller’s side of things on a real estate transaction is relatively simple and only typically requires drafting of a 3-5 documents.

So, it is very common for law offices (and allowed by the State Bar) to hold a closing for a Buyer and also draft for the seller their required documents.

This typically results in a very smooth closing.

Should there be a major dispute, which is very rare after an offer to purchase contract is signed, the Seller would be referred to separate counsel to represent them.

What Counties do you cover?

While the bulk of our work is for Western North Carolina Counties, we can help you with your real estate matters and business matters in all 100 North Carolina Counties!

How many offices do you have and where are they located?

Our headquarters is located in Downtown Asheville

We also have offices in Hendersonville, NC (Lancaster Law Firm, LLC – South) and Canton, NC (Lancaster Law Firm, LLC – West).

Can your firm offer services to Spanish speaking clients?

Absolutely.  We have a native speaker on staff and your communication and even your closing can be delivered 100% in Spanish. 

Please note that much of your documentation will be written in English as lenders have not started using, for the most part, Spanish loan documents just yet and Spanish deeds are not yet accepted, but these English documents can be explained to you in Spanish.

Why do I need an attorney to help me with my real estate transaction?

In North Carolina, an attorney is the only person licensed to certify a title search. 

While it’s good for purchasers to have this opinion on which to rely, title insurance companies also require an attorney’s opinion in order for them to issue a title insurance policy. 

If you’re purchasing or refinancing by obtaining an institutional loan, the lender will often require this title insurance policy. 

It’s also very important that you obtain an owner’s policy, with which the attorney can help you.

If you are a seller, the attorney can help you draft the necessary documents required to sell property in North Carolina. This includes 3-5 documents that most folks are unable to draft correctly on their own. It’s also a good idea to have an attorney review your settlement statement for you, which we include in that service.

Why should I hire an attorney to help me set up my business?

An attorney can make sure the filing is set up correctly and, if necessary, help you draw up an Operating Agreement or Shareholder agreement that fits your needs.

Consultation on how to obtain an IRS EIN number and properly handle banking within the business is also something that can be explained during the consultation.

Doing this all correctly is very important as, if it’s not done correctly, it can bring personal liability into the business, defeating the purposes of incorporating in the first place.

Does your firm hire with diversity in mind?

We absolutely do.  We do not feel that you’ll find a more diverse group of professionals at any other real estate firm in WNC.

How do I get started?

If you want us to help you in your purchase, sale, or refinance:

For purchases/sales: Please send us a copy of the contract to (we can help draft this for you, if you don’t have one) or have your realtor do this for you.

For refinances: Please have your lender send us a title order to

If you’d like us to help you with your Business Law Matters, please email

Or, simply click the link: “let’s get started!”

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